Various samples of my original comic strip, WHAT-TV.

WHAT-TV offers a look at what goes on in front of the camera at a local television station,
and its main characters are the on-screen personalities who populate the station's newscasts
and other programs. In effect, reading the strip is akin to actually watching the channel.

The major characters and features of WHAT-TV include:

Rick Bradford, anchorperson;
Linda Barnes, anchorperson;
Gary Burns, sports;
Dr. Bob Gordon, weather;
"The Nosey Rosie Show" -- celebrity gossip with Rosalynn Mitchell;
"Exercise with Kathy" -- morning aerobics show;
Madame Olga, psychic astrologer;
"TV or not TV" with media critic Larry Wilson;
"The Snoop Report" with investigative reporter Maggie Snoop

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