The Weapons Testing and Firing Range is a large facility operated by Starfleet in conjunction with Sestra Weapons Systems. New weapons are designed at the Weapons Research & Development Building, while holobooths at the Holographic Combat Center offer a wide range of holographic combat simulations for testing weapons, sharpening skills, or entertainment. There are also three outdoor ranges used for target practice and training exercises, as well as a war games arena for capture-the-flag and assault-the-base campaigns.

Below are screenshots of the Weapons Testing & Firing Range. Just click the thumbnails to see larger images.

Shot001 Shot002 Shot003 Shot004
Shot005 Shot006 Shot007 Shot008
Shot009 Shot010 Shot011 Shot012
Shot013 Shot014 Shot015 Shot016
Shot017 Shot018 Shot019 Shot020
Shot021 Shot022 Shot023 Shot024
Shot025 Shot026 Shot027 Shot028
Shot029 Shot030 Shot031 Shot032
Shot033 Shot034 Shot035 Shot036
Shot037 Shot038 Shot039 Shot040
Shot041 Shot042 Shot043 Shot044
Shot045 Shot046 Shot047 Shot048
Shot049 Shot050 Shot051 Shot052
Shot053 Shot054 Shot055 Shot056
Shot057 Shot058 Shot059 Shot060
Shot061 Shot062 Shot063 Shot064
Shot065 Shot066 Shot067 Shot068
Shot069 Shot070 Shot071 Shot072