Astrostein is unlike any Wolfenstein experience you've ever had. Set in the year 2043 aboard a Nazi spaceship transporting you to a penal colony in the asteroid belt, Astrostein is a total conversion. Every enemy, weapon, object, sound, and wall texture has been replaced, giving Astrostein a totally unique and futuristic look and feel. Just check out these great screenshots!

A Shuttle

The Armory

The Hangar Deck

The Elevator

The Sickbay

A Corridor

Another Corridor

An Airlock


In Astrostein, you'll blast your way through 30 levels of non-stop action, facing down hundreds of spaceship personnel and mechanical droids armed with laser rifles and photon cannons. You'll explore many areas throughout the vast ship, including the bridge, engineering, sickbay, and the hangar deck. And in Astrostein, enemies that you kill don't just shout and plop on the floor -- they dematerialize!

The full version of Astrostein is now freeware!
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