This is what you've been waiting for! WolfEdit 2, the editor we used at WolfAddict Software, is now available to the general public! The latest version, 2.0.4, released on 12/14/99, is compatible with all versions of Wolfenstein 3D and is now FREEWARE!

Programmed by Greg Ewing, WolfEdit 2.0.4 offers many features beyond the capabilities of the original WolfEdit. Level designers can now use their own artwork, as well as ambushing versions of all the enemies. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

So download WolfEdit 2.0.4 today and start making
the levels you've always dreamed of!

Download the 1st Encounter/2nd Encounter patch
for WolfEdit 2.0.4.

Download the WolfEdit Extras patch for WolfEdit 2.0.4.
This patch adds improved cicn's for some of the enemies.
It also makes three new wall textures available for use:
fake lift door, fake locked door, and fake regular door.