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For months, there have been unconfirmed rumors that Dr. Schabbs has been working on a new top secret project under Hitler's direct orders at an unknown location somewhere in Germany. According to these rumors, this new project, code-named Eisenmann(Ironman), involves the creation of a genetically engineered super soldier who would stand twelve feet tall and wear armor as thick as a tank's. If this ubersoldatwere ever set loose on the battlefield, it could give Germany the strength it needs to tip the balance and win the war.

Allied Intelligence has now learned that the offices of the Giftmacher Chemical Company in downtown Dresden are actually a front for Eisenmann,and that Schabbs is working in an underground laboratory somewhere beneath the building's basement. The building itself is heavily guarded by crack units of the Waffen-SS. Your mission is to infiltrate this building after hours, find your way to the lab, and terminate both Schabbs and his ubersoldatprototype before mass production of this monster can ever begin.

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