The past couple of days have been no picnic.

The Gestapo want to know whether Agent 17 told you anything about Rheingold when he first contacted you in Paris, and whether you told anyone else about your contact with him before you arrived at the hotel. You've told them over and over again you have no idea what they're talking about. Whatever Agent 17 was going to tell you about Rheingold, it died with him back at the hotel. But the Gestapo aren't buying it, even though it's the truth.

And so, for the last two days, they've tried every kind of persuasive technique to get you to talk, and your body bears the scars of their tenacity. Your only comfort lies in the knowledge that your interrogators will not kill you until you give them what they want... but they seem to have perfected ways to torture you to the brink of death and then stop at the last instant. And so you are at an impasse. You have no information to give them, and they won't kill you until you talk. How much longer can this stalemate continue?

You wake up after some fitful sleep and sit up on the cold floor of your cell. The pain from the last interrogation session lingers, reminding you of what you have to look forward to today. You don't even know if it's day or night, locked away in this dungeon. The stench of urine fills the air, hungry rats constantly try to get a bite out of you, and the occasional scream from another prisoner breaks the silence. At least Agent 17 had a quick death.

After a while, you hear the sound of approaching footsteps. A guard is coming to drag you back to the interrogation room for another session. Will this be the session when your captors finally lose their patience and decide to kill you, or even kill you accidentally? You have no wish to die here, because whatever Rheingold is, somebody's got to find out and do something about it. If you're going to make your move, it's going to have to be now.

You lie down on the floor again and pretend to be asleep, your back to the door. Your eyes closed, you hear the guard fiddle with his key and unlock the door. You don't need to see him to know what is happening. It's been exactly the same every time for the past two days. Right now, he's standing just outside the open door, his pistol drawn and aimed at you.

"Kommen Sie hier, schwein!" he barks angrily. Is that the extent of his vocabulary? You'd always thought Germans were more creative than that.

You don't respond or move a muscle. The guard barks the same words again, louder and angrier this time. You still don't move. As far as he knows, you're still unconscious from the last torture session.

Growing impatient, the guard decides to come in and drag you out. His boots clatter on the stone floor as he quickly approaches you, the sound echoing through the dungeon. Then he nudges you in the back with his foot, roughly, ordering you to your feet. Despite the pain, you force yourself to relax your body as completely as possible, and still don't move.

The guard pauses for a moment, staring down at you. Considering the possibility that you're dead, he reaches down to roll you over on your back. The time to make your move is now. If you continue the charade, chances are he'll call for another guard to come help him.

The instant you feel his hand touch your shoulder, you spring into action. Rolling over, you smash your elbow into his gut, knocking him off balance as you leap to your feet. Before he can recover, you push him back and pin him against the wall. For the next several seconds, you struggle to keep him there and keep him from sticking his gun in your face. You know that in your condition, you can't fight him for too long. So you shove your knee into his groin. Once, twice, as hard as you can. His grip on the gun weakens and you manage to knock it away. He breaks away from you to try to retrieve it, but you grab him in a bear hug and don't let go until you've snapped his neck. With a sadistic sense of pleasure, you let his lifeless body sag to the floor, then take a minute to catch your breath. Then you grab the gun from the floor and take a couple of clips from your victim's belt.

The stalemate has been broken.

So begins Episode 2 of Operation: Rheingold, a pulse-pounding WolfenDOOM adventure that leads you on a thrilling chase across Europe, from a Paris hotel to a mountain stronghold in the Bavarian Alps to the mythical worlds of Teutonic legend, as you try to evade the Gestapo and find out just what Operation: Rheingold actually is. Even if you find out, can you do anything to stop the Nazis from unleashing it on the world?

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