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Things were going good for the Allies. Paris had been liberated, the Nazis were in retreat all across Europe, and the end of the war seemed finally in sight.

You and two buddies were selected to sneak behind enemy lines on a secret reconaissance mission to prepare the way for the final push into Germany. Penetrating enemy territory, you expected to find the Nazis demoralized and in disarray, but instead, you found them gearing up for a new major offensive that could catch the Allies completely off-guard and totally turn the tables. Even worse, you and your buddies were captured before you could report back what was going on.

That was two months ago, and you've spent the past two months buried deep within the bowels of a heavily guarded Nazi prison. Your two buddies are already dead, preferring to die at the hands of vicious Nazi interrogators than tell them what they want to know. Now it's your turn, and you know that for the sake of the unsuspecting Allies, you must live long enough to escape and warn them of the impending Nazi attack. It's all up to you. So when they come to your cell to get you, you waste no time. Before anyone knows what's happening, there's one dead Nazi on the cold floor beside you, and his gun is in your hand. But no sooner do you step out into the corridor than you hear somebody shout, "Halten Sie!"... and you realize without a doubt that the fate of the free world depends on what you do next.

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