Below are loglines for some of the original screenplays I've written.

All but the last one are currently available for sale, option, or representation.
Copies in hard copy or pdf format are available upon request.

WGAw No.1404498

British female pop singer Darla Chandler's secret life as a spy helps her uncover and foil a terrorist plot to destroy London with a stolen nuclear warhead.

WGAw No.1426371

Successful L.A. real estate agent Linda Douglas's entire life begins to unravel after a near-death experience results in her possession by an entity that seeks to turn her into a duplicate of its recently deceased former host. Determined to reclaim her identity, Linda must face a horrible secret from her past in order to expel the entity and save her future.

Drama, Biotech thriller
WGAw No.780977

When Jim Leighton accepts the invitation from a clandestine group of geneticists to allow his mentally disabled younger brother Billy to undergo experimental genetic enhancement, little does he know that Billy is nothing but a guinea pig in a global conspiracy not to cure the mentally disabled, but to create a master race.

Film Noir
WGAw No.454761

A Hollywood producer with a secret past. A young writer hungry for revenge. And the innocent young woman who gets caught between them in a high-stakes game of manipulation and deception. Aspiring screenwriter Steve Fulton sets out to collaborate with, and eventually expose, a prominent Hollywood producer whom he suspects is the same man who murdered his father twenty years earlier.

A dark and disturbing tale of secrets, manipulations, cross-purposes, and a lost chance for redemption.

WGAw No.412137

The already mixed up lives of a cross-section of Los Angeles residents quickly unravel in this spoof of ensemble cast disaster films when a freak snowstorm blankets everything from Malibu to Hollywood.

Crime Drama
WGAw No.780977

Disillusioned L.A. police detective Pete Baker quits the force and retreats to a mountain cabin after failing to prevent the murder of his fiancee, then finds a renewed sense of purpose when escaped convicts barricade themselves in a nearby motel and take all of the guests hostage. A modern-day "Key Largo".

Drama, MOW
WGAw No.454763

Eighteen years after abandoning his family because of his gambling habit, John DeFalco returns to make peace with them before he dies from cancer and prevent his son from repeating the same mistakes with his own family.

A story of love, repentance, and redemption which spans forty years in the lives of one family and examines the bonds which survive beyond hate and resentment.

Drama, MOW
WGAw No.415965

When class egghead Julie Thompson falls for class jock Brad Singer in 1962, she ruins her life for the next twenty years -- losing a scholarship for college, allowing him to walk in and out of her life at his leisure, and settling for a dead-end job. But when she finally takes charge of her life and becomes a successful businesswoman, Brad reappears for one last time, forcing her to choose between him and a sensitive divorced man with an autistic young daughter.

WGAw No.408581

On a planet about to be occupied during an interstellar war, apolitical smuggler Mike Masters gets one last chance to make a stand and redeem himself by aiding an underground rebel movement while carrying a sarcastic nightclub singer in tow.

An epic sci-fi adventure that combines elements from several Bogart films, including "Casablanca" and "To Have And Have Not".

WGAw No.454762

In this second chapter of a trilogy, erstwhile smuggler Mike and nightclub singer Lana attempt to put together a team of resistance fighters in advance of the impending invasion, but their efforts collapse when the planet is conquered by the ruthless enemy.

WGAw No.454760

In the third and final installment, Mike, Lana, and the resistance battle and eventually overcome a monstrous evil in this allegory of the Nazi subjugation of Europe.

Crime Drama
WGAw No.788590

When an old enemy resurfaces a decade after they left the force, seeking revenge, Crockett and Tubbs must team up again and return to Miami to stop him. And when Crockett and Gina are reunited by these circumstances, they realize fate has given them one last chance to heal the past and build a future. But the person who's after them is not who they think it is, and has a surprise in store that threatens to change their lives and their destinies forever.

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